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Vicon (Shogun Live)

This guide delves in to how to set up Shogun Live to use a marker rigidbody to handle absolute hand positioning.


Using tracked rigidbodies in MANUS Core requires a fully setup and configured Vicon tracking system using Shogun Live. The latest version is generally recommended but the system was validated from 1.4 and up.

To track a prop, at least 4 markers in a rigid configuration are required, like the MANUS optical rigid shape provided with many of our glove devices.


Define props

  1. In Shogun Live, go to the tracking tab and make sure the setup tab is open.
  2. Inside the workspace select the 4 markers you want to assign.
  3. then inside the tracking tab setup section under prop type a name for the rigidbody and press create.


The order the markers are selected in determines the forward vector of the resulting rigidbody. Generally the first two selected markers determine the forward vector. For ease of configuration it's advised to select the markers always in the same order. For the default Vicon rigid, offsets are included in MANUS Core. The order is as follows: outer wrist (1), pinky knuckle (2), index knuckle (3), inner wrist (4).

alt text

Activate tracking system

  1. In MANUS Core Dashboard, navigate to tracking systems.
  2. Activate Vicon, if this does not show up, refresh using the refresh button in the Tracking Systems header. If it's already on but does not seem to work, try toggling it off and on once. The default connection port for Vicon is 801.
  3. The rigidbodies should now show up inside the scene view. If they are being tracked they will show up in the devices tab.

alt text

Configure (hands)

  1. In the profile settings navigate to the tracker section and assign the props to their respective hands.
  2. Make sure MANUS glove devices are turned on and assigned to this user.
  3. Inside the scene view, the hands should now be following the positioning of the rigidbodies.
  4. If the orientation and/or positoning of the hands relative to the prop seem off. Load the relevant preconfiguration from the Load from XML button. The default is Quantum_ViconRigid_Left/RightHand.xml.
  5. It's possible to tweak the offset to your liking from this menu. Please refer to our tracker offsets article for guidance.