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Wearing & Washing

You have two different options to mount the Quantum sensors on your fingertips.

Finger Sleeves

Made from elastic fabric, that can be worn for many hours, while still allowing your skin to breathe.
They have silicone strips on both the inside and the outside, to provide grip.

Finger Tapes

The tape sticks to your fingertip, providing the most secure mounting of the Quantum sensors.

Once you have chosen your way of attaching the sensors, you can click them in.

Washing the gloves

The textiles of the MANUS Quantum Metagloves are washable.

How to prepare your gloves for washing:

  1. Make sure that all fingertip sensors are detached from the caps/tapes/liner gloves.

Releasing the finger sensor lock

  1. Tilt the casing so the latch on the glove textile aligns with the latch on the casing and push it out.

  1. Push all the finger sensors through the finger openings to the case opening.  

  1. The glove textile is now ready to be washed.

The gloves are made from sports polyester which can be washed at temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius or 140 degrees Fahrenheit. After washing, you can tumble dry your gloves art medium temperature.

How to reinsert the casing and sensors into the glove:

  1. Make sure that the textile is fully dry.
  2. Push the sensors through the finger openings.

  1. Align the latch on the casing with the latch on the textile, push it through and rotate to lock.

  1. Pull the excess cable through the opening on top of the finger tunnel

With the electronics fully installed, your gloves are once again ready for use.