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License requirement

The functionality described requires a MANUS Bodypack or a MANUS license dongle containing one of these licenses to be connected:
Core Pro Core XR Demo

Getting started


The MANUS Core OpenXR API layer is automatically installed from MANUS Core 2.2 and up and will automatically stream glove data to OpenXR applications when available. To start, set up a user with both gloves and trackers in the MANUS Core Dashboard. Please refer to this article for how to set up trackers in MANUS Core.

alt text

User list order

Make sure the intended user is the first user in the list. Users can be rearranged using the button left of the username.

alt text

The gloves should now stream data to any OpenXR applications that support the XrHandTrackerEXT extension.


When you are experiencing issues with the MANUS Core OpenXR integration, try the following steps.

  • Try putting on the HMD. Certain OpenXR applications will only receive glove data when an HMD is active.
  • Make sure you have Core 2.2 or later installed.
  • Try restarting the OpenXR application.
  • Make sure all devices are correctly set up in Core. If the trackers are not being detected by your tracking system of choice, the hands will not appear in the OpenXR application.
  • Make sure the trackers are assigned to the hands of the user and verify that the hands are moving within the MANUS Core scene view.
  • Note that OpenXR supports only a single user with up to two gloves. If multiple users are present, the first user in the list in Core will be used.
  • If files related to the Core OpenXR integration are moved, the installation may break. If this happens, try reinstalling MANUS Core.
  • Make sure you have a valid license dongle connected to the computer.