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LED Status

There are two indication LED's on the gloves.The glove status LED and the battery status LED.

Battery Status LED


If the Battery Status LED is OFF, the battery is not charging.


If the Battery Status LED is RED, the battery is charging


If the Battery Status LED is GREEN, the battery is full and no longer charging

Glove Status LED

Blinking Blue

The gloves are initializing and trying to pair to a dongle.


The glove is now connected wirelessly

Breathing Blue

If your gloves are not connected to a dongle the status LED will breathe blue.

Blinking White

After switching your gloves into pairing mode the LED light will blink white.

Blinking Red

When your battery level is low the Status LED will blink red.


When your gloves are connected to a PC wired the LED will turn green.

Breathing Magenta

When the firmware is updating the Status LED will breathe or blink magenta.


When your gloves are experiencing issues the Status LED will turn yellow.In this event, please contact our support team.