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Wearing Bodypack

Wearing & Mounting with Bodypack Belt


The back of the Bodypack is lined with velcro (hook) and can be attached to any velcro (loop) surface.

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The optional MANUS Bodypack Belt comes with a dedicated velcro (loop) patch to attach the Bodypack to.

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Battery Pouch

The Bodypack Belt also features a battery pouch to securely stow your power bank.

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We recommend using angled USB Type-C connectors in the power bank and Bodypack, and routing the USB cable through the belt.

The pouch can fit power banks up to 7.5cm (3 inch) in width, 3.5cm (1½ inch) in depth and up to 20cm (8 inch) in height.

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Timecode Equipment

The Bodypack Belt also comes with various elastic bands to attach timecode equipment, including a USB audio interface and timecode generator.

When using the Bodypack as a networked device please refer to the Networked Devices article to see if on-body timecode equipment is needed for your
use case.

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Mocap Suit Velcro

When using the Bodypack Belt on top of a velcro (loop) motion capture suit, the velcro (hook) strips on the inside of the Bodypack Belt can be connected to the suit for optimal wearing comfort.

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We recommend routing the USB cables for the gloves through the mocap suit or by using velcro on the outside of the suit to secure the cables.


The Bodypack Belt is user adjustable between 86 - 126cm (34 - 50 inches).

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Using Bodypack without Bodypack Belt

When using the Bodypack without the Bodypack Belt, make sure the Bodypack can ventilate itself properly and the antennas are not obscured.