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First Time Setup


The MANUS Quantum Bodypack is an ultra-portable computer running Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC.

Using the Bodypack, you can live stream Quantum Mocap Metagloves over Wi-Fi 6 and record directly on the Bodypack without losing any data.

The Bodypack can be controlled from an external computer using Windows Remote Desktop.

It can record remotely using MANUS Core Dashboard, through triggered recording or fully standalone.


When you receive your Bodypack, the antennas are taken off for transport. Screw on the antennas that come in the box to assemble your Bodypack.

Power & Control


The Bodypack uses USB Type-C for power and comes with a USB-C power supply that can be used when it is used stationery.

Connect the Bodypack to the supplied power supply or to a suitable power bank.

When the Bodypack receives sufficient power, it will automatically turn on.


Connect the Bodypack to a display, mouse and keyboard using the integrated HDMI and USB ports for the initial configuration.

Use the default login information to log in and follow the steps to change the default password.‍

Initial Configuration

MANUS Core Dashboard & Gloves

Open the MANUS Core Dashboard on the Bodypack and follow the first time setup to set up a user. Connect your Quantum Mocap Metagloves and follow the instructions in the Dashboard.

We recommend to connect the Quantum Mocap Metagloves wired to the Bodypack for the best possible data. The gloves can also be used wireless by connecting the Metagloves wireless dongle to the Bodypack.

The Bodypack comes with a MANUS Core license installed on it.

You can use your Quantum dongle on the external computer you use to remotely control and record with the Bodypack.

Timecode & Sync

Connect a timecode generator and USB audio interface, and configure timecode and sync on the Bodypack.

Wearing & Mounting

The back of the Bodypack is lined with velcro (hook) and can be attached to any velcro (loop) surface.

The optional MANUS Bodypack Belt comes with a dedicated velcro (loop) patch to attach the Bodypack to. The Bodypack Belt also features a power bank pouch and elastic bands for timecode equipment.

When using the Bodypack Belt on top of a velcro (loop) motion capture suit, the velcro (hook) strips on the inside of the Bodypack Belt can be connected to the suit for optimal wearing comfort.

We recommend routing the USB cables for the gloves through the mocap suit or by using velcro on the outside of the suit to secure the cables.

When using the Bodypack without the Bodypack Belt, make sure the Bodypack can ventilate itself properly and the antennas are not obscured.


Configure the Bodypack to connect to your Wi-Fi network to enable remote control and remote recording.

Remote Control & Recording

Remote Control Retrieve the hostname of your Bodypack and connect to it using Windows Remote Desktop to remotely control and monitor it.

Remotely connect to your Bodypack using MANUS Core Dashboard from an external computer to monitor and preview glove data.


The Bodypack can record manually by using the MANUS Core Dashboard, either remotely from an external computer, or locally by running the MANUS Core Dashboard on the Bodypack itself.

The Bodypack also offers support for triggered recording with:

  • Vicon Blade
  • Vicon Shogun
  • OptiTrack Motive 2
  • OptiTrack Motive 3
  • Xsens MVN
  • Qualisys QTM
  • Rokoko Studio

You can read more about recording and triggered recording with the Bodypack.


The MANUS Quantum Bodypack runs Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC and MANUS Core 2.2.0.

We recommend to regularly check for updates to keep your Bodypack up to date and secure.