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Users are the Subjects or Actors of the MANUS ecosystem. A User represents a single person, wearing gloves, trackers or both. The system is used in our plugins to keep track of what devices belong to what user. The system is also used in our recorder to export data per user.


The profiles menu lists all users.


The eye allows you to hide all the user's devices from the viewport. Profile settings brings you to the window where you can configure the user. The Calibrate button will start the calibration proces for the gloves and or trackers.

Add user

The Add User button will start the user creation wizard again and guide you through the process of creating a user and pairing and calibrating devices.

Unassigned items

The unassigned items list will show all devices currently not assigned to a user. MANUS Core will also throw notifications to remind you of this fact. It's generally recommended to always have your devices assigned to a user.


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The order of the users can be relevant for some setups. The dots in front of the user allow you to drag and change the order of users.

Profile settings

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The profile settings panel lets you configure the user.


The name field allows you to change the name of the current user. Changing the name does not change the UserID (the unique identifier used to identify this specific User).

Remove profile

This deletes the current profile.


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Calibrate: This will trigger the calibration process for only these gloves.

Dongle: This shows the dongle linked to the user profile for wireless glove use. If more than one dongle is connected, you can select them from the drop-down menu.

Left and Right Gloves: This shows the gloves assigned to the user profile. This can be manually changed using the dropdown.

Hand offsets

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The hand offsets lets you tweak load and save the offset between the hand and the center of the tracker. The two position and rotation buttons will bring up a gizmo in the scene view to tweak the transformation in 3D space.

  • Translation The translation is the distance from the center of the tracker in centimeters. x to side, y is up and z is forward.
  • Rotation The rotation is the rotational offset in relation to the tracker in degrees.
  • Load from XML Allows you to load an XML file containing the offsets for easy re-use. MANUS Core comes with a array of presets for common tracker and glove device combinations.
  • Save to XML This saves the tracker offset to a location of your choosing.

Below is an example offset file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


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Here you can assign trackers to body parts. For absolute hand positioning a tracker needs to be added to each hand. For full body tracking all trackers except for the arm trackers are mandatory.

Calibrate: This will trigger the tracker calibration process.

Body Measurements

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Here you can tweak the users' specific body measurements to better match their physical proportions. Make sure the viewport is set to Scene View to see the adjustments take effect. This only shows for full body setups.

Reset will reset all calibration values, meaning a new tracker calibration is needed.

Apply & Close

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Applies any changes made and closes the profile settings.