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Hand Straps

The Metagloves Textile Pack and the Metagloves Accessory Pack both include a set of Metagloves Hand Straps. Check out our webshop for further details.


  1. Identify the left and right hand strap.

  1. Remove the electronics module from the Metaglove textile.


For this tutorial we will focus on the Left strap only.

  1. Attach the left hand strap to the left electronics module.

  1. Make sure the hand strap Velcro side goes through the hand strap loop and the electronics module cut out. (shown below)

  1. Make sure the hooks [1][2] of the hand strap are aligned with the two plastic cut outs and rotate the bottom hook [2] to lock in the electronics module to the hand strap


  1. Next, insert your hand through the loop as shown below.

  1. Loop the Velcro strap below the thumb to the front and attach the Velcro strap to the Velcro adhesive. Tighten to fully secure the Electronics module.

  1. Loop the remaining Velcro strap to the palm side of the hand and tuck in any abundant Velcro strap, indicated by [3].

  1. Lastly, connect the finger sensors to the finger tip clips.