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Turning On and Off

Turning On

The MANUS Quantum Bodypack is designed to automatically power on when connected to a compatible power source.

Connect a USB-C power cable to a compatible power bank or use the included power brick, and the device will start up automatically.

There are no additional steps required to turn the device on.

When the Bodypack is still connected to a power source after it has been turned off, press the power button on the Bodypack to turn it back on.‍

Turning Off

Before disconnecting power from your MANUS Quantum Bodypack, it is best to power it off.

Turning off the device prevents potential data loss or damage to the system.

To turn off the Bodypack, follow these steps:

  • Stop Recording: If you are recording, stop the recording using an appropriate method based on your recording workflow.
  • Shut Down: Access the Bodypack and turn it off using Windows' "Shut down" function. Allow the Bodypack to complete the shutdown process before proceeding.
  • Disconnect Power: Once the Bodypack has powered off, safely disconnect the USB-C power cable from the Bodypack.

Properly turning off the Bodypack helps preserve the integrity of your data and the device itself.