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Calibrate Gloves

There are three steps to calibrate each glove.

Calibration Steps

1. Maximum Extension of Fingers

Open and close your Index, Middle, Ring and Pinky fingers to their maximum extended positions.

Fingers Extension

2. Maximum Extension of Thumb

Open and close your thumb to the maximum extended positions.

Thumb Extension


You can recalibrate your gloves from the Users panel or, if you want to recalibrate individual gloves, from the Devices panel.

Calibrating the IMU's

Each finger contains three layers of material connected to the electronics. The top layer contains the IMU sensors which register position and orientation on a 9 degrees of freedom (DOF) grid. The second layer acts as a a support layer to keep all of the sensors aligned. The third layer consists of flexible bend sensors which register the amount of bending the first two digits of each finger does.

  1. Move both hands in a single repetitive motion, like a swimming motion or in a figure 8. Do this for a couple of seconds.

IMU calibration Tutorial

Animation shows Prime X gloves, but also applies to Prime 3 Haptic XR

  1. Finish by holding both hands still. Putting them on a table can help.

IMU calibration Tutorial

Image shows Prime X gloves, but also applies to Prime 3 Haptic XR