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License requirement

The functionality described requires a MANUS Bodypack or a MANUS license dongle containing one of these licenses to be connected:
Core Pro Core XR Core Xsens Pro Core Qualisys Pro Core OptiTrack Pro Demo

Gloves with Trackers

This article focuses on streaming MANUS Glove data in combination with HTC Vive Pro or MANUS Pro Tracker data directly to Unreal Engine. This guide does work similarly for other trackers and tracking systems, but the setup might differ.

Make sure to use the latest version of MANUS Core and Unreal Engine 5.0 or higher.

Pairing Trackers

Start SteamVR and pair your Trackers. When using MANUS Pro Trackers please follow the steps described in this article.

Setting up MANUS Core


For detailed instructions on how to set up your exact tracking system, please refer to the tracking system article. The following steps apply to SteamVR compatible trackers.


Open MANUS Core Dashboard and navigate to Tracking Systems in the Settings Menu.

alt text

In Tracking Systems make sure to check OpenVR (SteamVR).

If OpenVR (SteamVR) does not show up here, try and refresh the Tracking Systems by clicking the refresh icon on the top right.

alt text

Close the Settings menu.

User Profile

The user profile now shows some extra options, including a list of key joints for your body and which tracker should be assigned to which position.

In this case, we are going to assign our tracker to our left hand.

alt text

Click Apply and Close.

This will bring you back to your main screen.

Trackers in the Scene

Under your Gloves section you will now see a Tracker assigned to your hands:

alt text

Now go to the Scene view to observe the hands and trackers moving.

alt text

Setting up Unreal Engine

Inside your specific hand pawn that you want to have following a tracker (in this case, the Left Hand), go to your Manus Skeleton and open this.

alt text

Inside Manus | Map Skeleton Chains, go to Skeleton Chain ID’s > Settings > Hand, and verify that Hand Motion is set to Auto.

Save the Asset (Top left corner, Save icon) and close this window.

alt text

Make sure Unreal Engine is connected to the Manus Core host and press Play.


It's not necessary to have MANUS Core connected before pressing Play, but then you'll have to connect manually through code or a blueprint.

This will allow you to move your hand in 3D space, and allow for finger movement.

alt text

You should now have hands with hand tracking working in Unreal Engine.