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Welcome to the MANUS Core documentation! This documentation provides information and resources to help you understand and work with MANUS Core.

Getting Started

To get started with MANUS Core, please refer to the Getting Started page for installation instructions and first time use. Or dive into the following topics:

  • Core Dashboard UI

    Breakdown of MANUS Core Dashboard's UI and features.

    Core Dashboard UI

  • Skeleton system

    Guide to familiarize yourself with the MANUS Core skeleton system, used to drive character animation.

    Skeleton system

  • DevTools

    Familiarize yourself with the DevTools, the program used to define Skeletons for animation.


  • Recorder

    Get started with the recorder within MANUS Core Dashboard.


  • Tracking systems

    Learn about supported tracking systems for absolute positioning in MANUS Core.

    Tracking systems

Feel free to explore these articles to learn more about MANUS Core and its features.