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Updating Windows

The MANUS Quantum Bodypack runs Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC and should be updated regularly.

Installing Windows Updates

Open the Windows Start menu, search for "update" and open the System settings:

Alt text

Click "Download" to download and install available updates:

Alt text

We recommend to not use the Bodypack while updates are installing:

Alt text

After all updates are installed, restart your Bodypack:

Alt text

Windows will restart and install the updates:

Alt text

After restarting, verify all updates have been installed:

Alt text

Windows Update Settings

The Bodypack has been configured through Windows Group Policy to weekly check for available Windows Update:

Alt text

To prevent unwanted down time, Windows will not automatically install updates but only notify you when updates are available. Windows Updates will only be downloaded and installed when you manually initiate the update procedure. We recommend to regularly check for Windows Updates available to keep your Bodypack up to date and secure.

Updating MANUS Core

Updating your bodypack from MANUS Core version 2.2.1 to 2.3.0 requires the uninstallation of MANUS Core and installing MANUS Core 2.3.0 in the same location.

Download the latest version of the MANUS Core Version Locked installer. Alt text

Please access your bodypack using your preffered method and navigate to the following folder: C:\Program Files\MANUS\Core 2. Here open the maintenancetool.exe program. Select remove all components, continue and wait for the proces to finish.

Now download the latest version of MANUS Core from our download center and install using the regular installation proces. Please be mindful to install MANUS Core to the original location C:\Program Files\MANUS\Core 2.

Once completed, please restart your bodypack and you have succesfully updated your MANUS Quantum Bodypack.