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First Time Setup

Step 1

Start by logging in to our Resource Center. If you don't have an account please create one.

Step 2

After selecting the product model you are using, download and install the latest supported version of Manus Core Web Installer on our resource center. Manus Core is a background application that handles all of the glove data. Manus Core must be running in order to make use of the gloves.

The Dongle

Please insert the Manus Dongle into your computer. This dongle receives glove data and communicates this to Manus Core. One dongle can connect to one pair of gloves.

Pairing the Gloves

Step 1

Switch the button on the glove to the center position which turns on the gloves. Then wait for the LED to stop blinking.

Step 2

Push the button in the same direction as before to enable pairing mode. The switch will automatically return to the center position.

Step 3

From the MANUS Dashboard select each glove and then in the bottom panel click the 'Pair' button. This will connect the glove to the Dongle you just plugged into your computer.

Wired Use

Step 1

Connect your gloves with the enclosed USB-C cables to your computer.

Step 2

No additional action is required in the Dashboard.


Each finger contains three layers of material connected to the electronics. The top layer contains the IMU sensors which register position and orientation on a 9 degrees of freedom (DOF) grid. The second layer acts as a a support layer to keep all of the sensors aligned. The third layer consists of flexible bend sensors which register the amount of bending the first two digits of each finger does.

Step 1

Calibrating the IMU's
Move both hands in a single repetitive motion, like a swimming motion or in a figure 8. Do this for a couple of seconds.

Step 2

Finish by holding both hands still. Putting them on a table can help.


Step 1

In the Dashboard select a glove from the 'Gloves' tab.

Step 2

In the bottom section click on the 'Calibrate Glove' button.

Step 3

Check the 'Progress automatically' box to go through all of the calibration steps automatically.

Step 4

Press the 'Start calibration' button

Step 5

Mirror and Hold step 1: Fist

Make a fist with your hand. This calibrates the sensors to your fingers in the most bent position.

Step 6

Mirror and Hold step 2: Thumb bend

In this step you straighten your fingers while bending your thumb. This calibrates the sensors to your fingers in the most straight position. It also calibrates the thumb sensors in the most bent position.

Step 7

Mirror and Hold step 3: Pistol

This step calibrates the thumb sensors in the most straight position.


From the main dashboard you can visualize the data coming from the sensors as both a virtual hand avatar and simple sliders.