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Batch exporter

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The batch exporter allows you to process a large amount of mrec recordings at once and export them to either CSV or FBX files.

The exporter can be opened by clicking the Batch Export button located within the Recording sidebar. It's not possible to open this menu whilst a recording is loaded.

Loading files

Files can be added using the Add files button inside the window. Here all to be processed files will be listed. There is a button present to remove specific files again.


The batch exporter has one setting specific to it's feature. - Suffix this line will be added to the end of the to be exported file. The take name of the mrec will be used and the specified suffix will be added at the end. Leave empty for no suffix.

Other than that the settings are identical to the ones for the regular exporter.


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The exporter will go through each file one by one and communicate back the status of each export. After the batch exporter is finished, there is a button to open the folder where the exports are located.