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First Time Setup

Step 1

Start by logging in to our Resource Center. If you don't have an account please create one.

Step 2

Download and install the latest version of Manus Core Web Installer on our resource center.
Manus Core is a background application that handles all of the glove data.
Manus Core must be running in order to make use of the gloves.

Step 3

Install the MANUS Core software.

Profile Creation

When you start MANUS Core for the first time, it will take you through a first-time setup to configure your devices and create a profile.
If you have already created a profile you can skip these steps.

First, choose a name for your user profile

For setting up your Prime 3 gloves you can then choose 'Gloves'.

Connecting the Gloves

First, MANUS Core will check for connected gloves and dongles.

Plug in the Dongle

Please insert the Manus Dongle into your computer. This dongle receives glove data and communicates this to Manus Core. One dongle can connect to one pair of gloves.

Pairing the Gloves

Switch on both gloves by moving the switch to the center position and wait for the LED to stop blinking.

Then move the switch in the same direction to the 'pairing' position to enable pairing mode. The switch will automatically return to the center position.

If your devices are connected wired or in the pairing mode, they will light up green. If they are not detected, the icons will remain greyed out.  

Wired Use

Connect your gloves with the included USB-C cables to your computer.

The gloves will pop up in the Devices tab under Wired Gloves and can be assigned to a profile from the Profile Settings window.

Once your devices are connected, you will be able to calibrate your Prime 3 gloves.


There are three steps to calibrate each glove.

Calibration Steps

  1. Maximum Extension of Fingers

Open and close your Index, Middle, Ring and Pinky fingers to their maximum extended positions.

  1. Maximum Extension of Thumb

Open and close your thumb to the maximum extended positions.


You can recalibrate your gloves from the Users panel or, if you want to recalibrate individual gloves, from the Devices panel.

Calibrating the IMU's

Each finger contains three layers of material connected to the electronics. The top layer contains the IMU sensors which register position and orientation on a 9 degrees of freedom (DOF) grid. The second layer acts as a a support layer to keep all of the sensors aligned. The third layer consists of flexible bend sensors which register the amount of bending the first two digits of each finger does.

  1. Move both hands in a single repetitive motion, like a swimming motion or in a figure 8. Do this for a couple of seconds.

Animation shows Prime X gloves, but also applies to Prime 3 Haptic XR

  1. Finish by holding both hands still. Putting them on a table can help.

Image shows Prime X gloves, but also applies to Prime 3 Haptic XR

MANUS Core Viewport

There are two views for the main viewport, Hands View and Scene View.

Hands View

By default MANUS Core shows the Hands View. This view has a Glove mode and a Data mode.

Glove View

This view allows you to view your virtual hands. It uses a skeletal hand to best show all the bones in your hands.

Data View

This view allows you to look at the data driving your virtual hands. The top three green bars translate to the rotation of the individual joints in the finger digits. The bottom row translates to the sideways motion of each finger.

Haptics View

When Prime 3 Haptic XR gloves are used you can use this view to test and visualize all haptics. The slider helps you to set the intensity of the vibrations.

Scene View

This view lets you look at an entire character with live tracking data being applied to it.
When no body-capture data is available (live or playback) your hands data will be applied to a static T-Pose for reference.


Now you should have your Prime 3 Haptic XR gloves up and running to record or stream hand and finger data.

For more in-depth information on the MANUS Core software, please check out the latest knowledge articles for MANUS Core.