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LED Status

There are two indication LED's on the gloves.The glove status LED and the battery status LED.

Battery Status LED

LED Color Animation Description
Green Solid Fully Charged
Green Blinking Charging

No Power

If the Glove switch is in the ON position and a battery is inserted in the casing, but no lights are on, the Battery is empty and needs to be recharged.

Battery Charging

If the Battery Status LED is RED, the battery is charging

Battery Full

If the Battery Status LED is GREEN, the battery is full and no longer charging

Glove Status LED

LED Color Animation Description
White Solid Booting
Blue Blinking Looking for Dongles
Blue Breathing Idle Mode
Blue Solid Connected: Wireless
Green Solid Connected: Wired
Red Blinking Low Battery
Amber Blinking Error

Pairing Mode

The light will be BLINKING BLUE when the gloves are trying to pair to a dongle.

Connected Wirelessly

The light will be SOLID BLUE when the glove is connected wirelessly

Idle Mode

When the gloves have not been used/moved for some time, the status LED will breathe Blue.

Booting Up

After switching your gloves on, the STATIC WHITE light indicates the gloves are booting up.

Battery Low

When your battery level is low the Status LED will BLINK RED.

Connected Wired

When your gloves are connected to a PC wired the LED will be SOLID GREEN.

Error or Issue

When your gloves are experiencing issues the Status LED will BLINK YELLOW / AMBER.

In this event, please contact our support team.