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Manus Core Dashboard has two viewport modes. - Hands View - Scene View.

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Hands View

The hands view visualizes the live data coming from the gloves. It's used to assess the data quality, verifying smoothness of data and quality of the calibration and skeletal solve.

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The Hands View has several view modes

  • Glove
  • Data
  • Haptics

Glove view

This view allows you to view your virtual hands represented as a 3D model. The gloves will rotate based on the IMU data coming from the gloves. It's possible to rotate the IMU orientation to tweak the angle in the settings.

alt text

Data view

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This view allows you to look at the skeletal angles of your virtual hands. The rows signify the fingers of the hand, and each bar from top signify the joint bend angles.

(From top to bottom)

  • DIP bend angle
  • PIP bend angle
  • MCP bend angle
  • MCP Spread

For bend angles the neutral (zero) position means that the fingers are straight (not bend or overstretched). For the MCP spread the deviation from the hand's forward direction is used. This means that a natural rest pose will have a non zero spread by default.

Please refer to the ergonomic data article for specifics on the data.

Haptics view

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For haptic supported MANUS glove devices a third view is added to test haptic functions. The bottom slider changes the intensity of the vibration motors. Clicking or holding individual fingers vibrates them and the vibrate all button vibrates all fingers on that hand equally.

Scene View

alt text

This view lets you look at data in a 3D space. This is especially useful for full body tracking and hands in combination with tracking systems. When no tracking data is available (live or playback) your hands data will be applied to a static T-Pose for reference. It's possible to view this scene in VR using the Render to VR headset setting.


The settings for traversing the scene view are as follows.

Input (Regular) Action
RMB Look around
Shift + MMB Fast Pan
ALT + LMB Orbit
Mouse scroll Zoom
ALT + RMB Zoom
F Focus on subjects
Hold RMB Free fly mode
Input (Freefly) Action
W Forward
S Backward
A Left
D Right
Q Up
E Down