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Updating Core

This article describes how to update MANUS Core to the latest version, automatically or manually.

Installer types

On our Download Center two different versions of MANUS Core can be found.

MANUS Core - Installer

Our MANUS Core – Installer, depending on the version, will install MANUS Core with automatic updating capabilities. This means that MANUS Core will keep up to date, or notify you when a newer version is available.

MANUS Core - Version Locked Installer

If you are looking for a specific version of MANUS Core for any reason, you can download the Version Locked MANUS Core from our Download Center. This version will not automatically install the latest version of MANUS Core but will only install the chosen version of MANUS Core.

Automatic Updater

Check for Updates In MANUS Core, go to the settings panel and scroll down. At the bottom you will find the ‘Check for Updates’ button.

alt text

If you get the following message, but are not running the latest version of MANUS  Core, you will need to remove MANUS Core from your device and install the latest version manually, which you can download from our Download Center.

alt text

Manual Update

Navigate to the MANUS Core installation folder C:\Program Files\MANUS\Core 2 and start MaintenanceTool.exe.

alt text

This opens the MANUS Setup Wizard. Here you need to choose ‘Update Components’.

alt text

Click ‘Next’

This will start and complete the updating process.